Developing Senior Leaders in the Middle East

Developing Senior Leaders in the Middle East

Today’s business world demands agility, flexibility and collaboration across boundaries. The new Manchester Management Development Programme is part of Alliance Manchester Business School’s executive programme and has been designed to help talented, ambitious managers make the transition to senior leadership roles. 

No matter which industry or sector, this three-day programme will help managers to grow and move beyond their comfort zone, whilst acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to take on new challenges and roles.

Importantly for delegates in the region, the Manchester Management Development Programme (MMDP) covers a range of issues that are especially important when doing business in the Middle East.

The MMDP concentrates learning across three intensive days, during which candidates will answer the 10 key questions that all ambitious managers should ask themselves, and will with a clear action plan and the confidence, knowledge and skills to achieve it.

Am I a candidate?

The MMDP is designed to support 'managers in transition'. For example, they could be transitioning from a supervisory role in a narrow specialism to general management; or from an operational role to translating and implementing business vision and strategy; it could be a functional role to designing tomorrow's organisation; and it could even be moving from one career to another.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect 

Following the MMDP’s pre-course work, which includes completing a Myers Briggs Type Indicator questionnaire (an internationally-used psychometric instrument) and 
a review of a real world industry case, the starting point for day one is asking the question Where have I come from?

This starts with the results of the MBTI and introduces the ‘Opportunity to Shine’ (OTS) model which is all about how the manager can apply the MMDP learning to their current workplace position and make an immediate positive impact.  

Moving on to the ‘Where am I now?’ question, the group will look at mapping and managing business stakeholders, explore how to manage risk and uncertainty, develop an understanding of negotiating, and examine working within strong organisational hierarchies.

Day two’s key themes focus on the questions: where am I going, how will I get there, and how can I change things? This entails understanding strategic thinking & diagnosis of market and industry forces, looking at cross-cultural and international working, implementing strategic thinking into a coherent strategy, and then looking at the key components of successful strategies and good project planning. Change is examined through the prism of an appreciation of the nature of change theory and change management.

Day three brings it all together and poses the final three questions: 

•    What do I need from others?
•    What do I need to be in command of?
•    Who do I need to get on board?

The day focuses the group on engaging with others, creating the confidence to ask the right questions, ensuring the real challenges are being addressed by the business; understanding how to build and lead teams; and building confidence in the crucial area of negotiating.

But it doesn’t finish there: the final parting question to delegates is What will I do next week? Delegates are encouraged to plan for success by identifying the signature story that underlines their strengths and capabilities; think about managing expectations and measuring success; and finally how to make a real difference when planning their return to work.

Are you ready for MMDP?